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Cess Pit & Septic Tank Servicing

Cess Pit & Septic Tank Servicing

Providing the necessary maintenance for all domestic cess pit and septic tank customers.

Although septic tanks are generally out of sight, they shouldn’t remain out of mind as ignoring them can lead to a multitude of problems. Septic tanks accommodate for an entire eco-system of their own, and despite a clever balance of nature and technology, they aren’t entirely maintenance-free.

In addition to routinely emptying septic tanks, we offer installation, servicing, cleaning, maintenance and repair services, as well as free site visits and surveys which are available upon request. Our cleaning service will include: a jet vac of the lines into the tank, a check of the soakaway, and a man-entry clean if required.

The frequency to which maintenance is required is dependent on several factors:

  • Capacity of the septic tank
  • Volume of wastewater in correlation to household size
  • Proportion of solids in wastewater

M.W.Waste’s experience in waste management is reflected in our clean, discreet and efficient pumping of tanks. We understand that tanks are often located in awkward and inaccessible locations which is why our professional operators arrive at every job with a 40-metre hose to aid the task in hand. And for those jobs that demand further assistance, our specialist vehicles can access almost anywhere. So, if your tank is located in an adjacent field or in a garden with poor access, we can take care of your tank with the same level of ease. Once your tank has been emptied, we will send you a reminder of the date when your next empty is due – nothing is left to chance with M.W.Waste!

*To reduce the likelihood of drain blockages, refrain from flushing sanitary products, food waste, fats, oils or anything else down your toilet or drains. Other than human waste, only toilet paper and water should be flushed or disposed of via a drain.

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